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Krakow Cheesecake

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Sernik - that’s “cheesecake” in Polish! Cheesecake is a dessert loved, baked and enjoyed all around the world. Adapted by many other cultures and introduced into countless cuisines, its recipes vary based on local ingredients, tastes and traditions. Poland too has its own version of this beloved dessert which is made according to a national recipe that calls for the use of a unique Polish quark cheese called, “twaróg.” This cheesecake with raisins is made in the traditional Krakow style. Its very light and moist texture is achieved thanks to the use of twaróg cheese, which is contrasted with the sweet burst of the raisins baked into it. Krakow and its surrounding area is known for its tradition of baking the Polish cheesecake with the addition of raisins and a characteristic grid on top. It’s one of the most famous types of Polish cheesecakes known abroad!

It’s a perfect cheesecake for Easter but also a great dessert for any other occasion too!

Weight: approx 2lb


Baker's cheese, wheat flour, eggs, margarine, sugar, golden raisins.

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