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Kucharek White Barszcz (Barszcz Bialy)

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The white barszcz (“barszcz bialy) is a very popular Old Polish soup! Unlike the sour-rye soup, the white barszcz is prepared with a wheat flour leaven rather than a rye flour leaven, giving it a slightly different taste and aroma, though the vegetables and herbs both soups contain are the same. Similar to the sour-rye soup, the Polish white barszcz should be enjoyed with a halved boiled egg, cooked white sausage and potatoes, and enjoyed with a side of traditional Polish bread. Though it is usually enjoyed for the Easter holiday, the Polish white barszcz makes for a great dinner starter or a snack anytime of day! This mix by Kucharek offers a quick and easy version of the soup when you have limited time for its typically long preparation when made from scratch. 

  • Product of Poland.
  • Weight: 40g
Recipe directions

Prepare this classic Polish soup in 5 minutes:

  • Step 1 Pour the contents of the bag (40 g) into 750 ml of cold water and mix thoroughly.
  • Step 2 Bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring.

The package is sufficient for 3 servings.


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