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Angel Wings - Chrust

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Faworki, chrust, chruścik chruściki, and popularized as “angel wings” here in the States, these delicate, fried dough strips sprinkled with powdered sugar are a must have in Poland in the final days of the carnival season! Legend has it that this Polish delicacy came about entirely “by accident.” It is said that a young baker once accidentally dropped a strip of dough into a pot of oil while preparing paczki. The strip formed a braid and the young baker, not wanting to get in trouble, sprinkled the dough piece with powdered sugar which gave rise to a whole new kind of sweet! With time, it became known as “faworki” from the French “faveur” which means ribbon. However, in Poland by the 1930s, the term “chrust” (pronounced “HRoost”) was also popularized. In Poland “angel wings” are not only a key element of the Fat Thursday tradition, they’re also a popular sweet enjoyed all over Poland all year long. You can now bring this traditional Polish sweet home with our nationwide shipping in the U.S..

Weight: approx 20 pieces per box. 0.5lb


Wheat flour, eggs, margarine, sugar, salt, sour cream, alcohol, vinegar.

How to defrost

Allow Angel Wings to thaw at room temperature or in your refrigerator.


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