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(Book) Zioła z polskich łąk Zbigniew T. Nowak

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Polish meadows, pastures, bushes are one great pharmacy from which, with the appropriate knowledge, you can obtain a lot of remedies valued by modern medicine for free. Completely unique medicinal plants growing in Polish meadows include: lanceolate plantain, chanterelle ivy, yarrow, dandelion, nettle, coltsfoot, field horsetail, daisy, grasshopper, meadow oman, goose cinquefoil, sorrel, meadow firefly, comfrey and many others.

This book provides extensive information on how to easily recognize these natural remedies, how to collect them and transform them into home remedies, and describe the healing compounds contained in these plants. It is a treasury of the latest scientific data on the use of the plants described here in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. It also tells you how to use them in the kitchen or as cosmetics. The guide contains a set of proven recipes for effective home remedies to help with various ailments. Here you will find recipes for original healing dishes and cosmetics as well as colorful illustrations of the herbs presented.

Polish language book only

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