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Classic Polish Plum Cake - Sliwkowiec

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Poland is a major producer of many different types of fruits, and that has resulted in a wide selection of various fruit-filled baked desserts on the Polish menu! During autumn, one of the most popular of these baked goods is plum cake! This light cake, “Śliwowiec” (from the Polish word “śliwka” / “plum”) is made according to a classic Polish recipe - a layer of fresh plums baked over a semi-shortbread layer and topped with a crumbled pastry crust and powdered sugar! It’s the perfect Polish Fall treat (but also allowed any other time of year you crave it too!).

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Wheat flour, plums, eggs, sugar, margarine, soybean oil, baking powder

How to defrost

Remove the cake from the freezer and refrigerate for 6 - 12 hours. Always leave the cake wrapped while it thaws.

Enjoy it with a cup of classic Polish tea!


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