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Classic Wigilia Package (small)


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If you’re familiar with Polish holiday traditions you certainly know about Poland’s beautiful “wigilia,” Christmas Eve custom. Wigilia is the traditional Christmas Eve vigil supper held in all Catholic Polish households on December 24th. It’s a beautiful custom celebrated with an evening meal composed of only meatless dishes. Preceded by the sharing of a blessed Christmas wafer called, oplatek, the Wigilia supper is one of the most important aspects of Poland’s Christmas traditions, and the foods typically prepared for this Christmas Eve meal are some of the most well recognized Polish holiday foods. 

Here in this bundle package you’ll find a classic sampling of Polish foods served at the Wigilia supper - from borscht & uszka to pierogi, herring and more. It even includes a traditional Polish Christmas wafer to share with your loved ones before you begin your holiday meal. 

Shop and save with this classic Wigilia bundle package!  

Package includes: 

(1) Christmas wafer (oplatek)
(1) Clear Red borscht
(1) Uszka wigilijne with forest mushrooms
(1) Sauteed Sauerkraut with forest mushroom stew
(1) Sauerkraut & mushroom pierogi
(1) Polish Rye Bread
(1) Herring Fillets in Oil
(1) Poppy Seed Roll

Weight: 10.5lb Serves (3-4) 


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