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Kucharek Champignon Sauce (Sos Pieczarkowy)

Kucharek Champignon Sauce (Sos Pieczarkowy)


  • $ 399

Sauces are an indispensable addition to a dinner. It is hard to imagine a roast or stewed meat without an aromatic and thick sauce. However, it is time-consuming to prepare the sauce. Therefore, Polana offers sauces in the three most popular flavors. Champignon sauce is ideal for both meat vegetarian dishes, such as meat balls, pork or dumplings.

Directions for preparation of Kucharek Champignon Sauce:

Step 1 - Pour the contents of the bag (28 g) into 300 ml of cold water and mix.

Step 2 - Bring to a boil and simmer for about 1 minute, stirring vigorously. 

Pour over some hot potato pancakes, golabki or serve over another favorite dish! 


Weight: 28g

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