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Kucharek Tomato Sauce (Sos Pomidorowy)

Kucharek Tomato Sauce (Sos Pomidorowy)


  • $ 999

This Kucharek tomato sauce is a great addition to many of the Polish dishes we love! It’s great generously poured over such dishes like cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and mushrooms. It will also work well in various types of casseroles, savory crepes or dinner dishes with fish or meat! This instant packet is quick and simple to prepare and delivers a flavorful taste! 

Cooking Instructions: 

Step 1: Empty the contents of the packet into 300 ml of cold water set in a small pot and mix thoroughly. 

Step 2: Continuing to stir over a low heat, allow the sauce to come to a boil (about 3 minutes). Allow the sauce to simmer for a few seconds and then take off the stove, serve with your favorite dish and enjoy! 


Weight: 28g

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