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Mieszanka Krakowska - Krakow Mix - in bag

Mieszanka Krakowska - Krakow Mix - in bag


  • $ 699

The Krakow Mix chocolate candy mix from Wawel offers the sweet and delightful flavors of lemon, ripe orange, raspberry and exotic pineapple all covered in a layer of smooth Wawel milk chocolate. The delicate chocolate combined with a natural fruity flavor is a delight for the palate! Wawel’s Krakow Mix chocolate candies are made with the highest quality jellies based on natural ingredients and fruit juices! A delightful burst of juicy flavor covered in one of Poland’s finest chocolates. 

This mini bag of Krakow Mix candy includes approximately 15 candy pieces. It’s a perfect sample size to try this classic Polish treat! Great for your home candy bowl or for this year’s trick-or-treaters! 

Product of Poland:  6oz

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