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Mlekovita – Twaróg (partially skimmed)

Mlekovita – Twaróg (partially skimmed)


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Classified as fresh cheese, this skimmed milk cheese, called “Twaróg” in Polish, is one of Poland’s best known foods products! Various versions of this classic white cheese have been made in Poland for centuries and it is a product consumed in every part of the nation. White in color it is made of cow’s milk, and though often compared to curd, quark, or cottage cheese, twaróg is a unique creation not found anywhere else in the world.

The Polish Twaróg cheeses preserve what is most valuable in milk: an exceptional wealth of proteins, vitamins and minerals. They are tasty and easy to digest, they are the basis of any balanced diet. Springy and lumpy in texture, it has a slightly tart flavor. This Twaróg is partially skimmed giving it a mildly sharp taste. It is great enjoyed plain on a piece of bread, mixed with veggies or tossed into a salad, and it is a key element of many classic Polish dishes and desserts, including the popular sweet cheese pierogi!

Product of Poland

Weight: approx 0.5lb

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