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Smoked Dry Kabanos (Kabanos Suchy)

Smoked Dry Kabanos (Kabanos Suchy)


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Smoked Dry Kabanos (Kabanos Suchy)
Kabanos is one of the most favorite Polish kielbasa snack products. Made in the form of skinny links they are popularly enjoyed as a snack and often added to meat platters for entertaining. These extra thin, smoked, dry links flavored with garlic, pepper, salt and a bit of celery, are as delicious and flavorful as a traditional kabanos can get! Enjoy them at home, serve them during a party, or bring them out for picnic or roadtrip!

Weight: approx 1lb.

The product comes in a sealed, vacuum package. For best results, allow meat to fully thaw in your refrigerator.


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