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Babka Leftover Ideas

Babka Leftover Ideas

Leftover Babka (Bread) Ideas

Didn’t have enough room for dessert this Easter? It happens…but it’s hard to let a great tasting Babka (Bundt Cake) go to waste! Take a look below for some ideas on how to make use of your cake leftovers. Whether it’s an Easter bundt cake or another great Polish cake from a different occasion, these are a few great ways to keep enjoying your dessert rather than letting it go to waste!

…and if you did manage to eat your whole Easter babka, visit our Bakery section to stock up on more to incorporate into these simple recipe ideas.

1. Make French Toast! 

    • Slice your bundt cake into thick slices, coat it in an egg batter and griddle on a pan until golden brown on both sides. Sift a bit of powdered sugar over the top and enjoy with a side of fruit or a dab of one of our great fruit preserves from Lowicz!

    French Toast

    2. Mix into your Ice Cream!

      • Crumble your leftover cake into a bowl of your favorite flavor ice cream for an extra rich treat!

      Ice Cream with Babka

      3. Make a Cake Shake!

        • Crumble your cake into a blender and throw in a few scoops of your favorite flavor ice cream and milk. Blend it all up and enjoy!

        Cake Shake

        4. Make a Babka (Bread) Pudding!

          • Take your favorite bread pudding recipe and substitute the bread for your leftover bundt cake!

          Babka (Bread) Pudding


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