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EARTH DAY: Reuse & Recycle Polana Boxes

EARTH DAY: Reuse & Recycle Polana Boxes

Polana Shipping Boxes Recycling

Polana – that’s the Polish word for an open clearing in a forest, typically considered a perfect spot for a picnic. Nature is not only our source of life and sustenance, but also the source of our planet’s beauty and wonder. 

As a small token of care for our earth, we’d like to share a few ideas on how you can reuse your shipping boxes from Polana! Because when it comes to caring for our planet, recycling or reusing our everyday products is a good place to start....

How to Reuse your Polana Shipping Boxes: 

1. Use the Styrofoam cooler as a planter for herbs or small flowers! Place the cooler inside a wicker basket, build a wooden frame for it or line it with some fabric or other decorative material, then fill it with soil and plants of choice. It’s a perfect addition for your yard, your garden or even your kitchen.

styrofoam cooler as a planter for herbs or small flowers

2. Place it in your trunk for groceries! The Styrofoam cooler that comes in every Polana shipping box can also be reused as a container for your groceries! Place it in the trunk of your car and use it for frozen items you purchase, and/or as a way to keep your grocery items from rolling over inside your vehicle (example: wine bottles) 

shipping cooler for groceries

3. Use it as your summer beverage cooler! As the weather gets warmer and we head outdoors to do our grilling and entertaining, the Polana shipping cooler can come in handy as a container to keep your favorite beverages cold over ice. 

summer beverage cooler

4. Build a Compost Bin – Composting is a great way to recycle kitchen scraps and produce great planting soil! You can repurpose your Polana styrofoam cooler by using it as a compost bin - poke a few, small holes through the lid and the container for ventilation and drainage. Then, line the bottom of the cooler with a dry material such as cardboard (here you can use part of the shipping box itself!). This will create the heat source within the bin. Then add a layer of fresh material such as kitchen waste or lawn clippings and cover with another layer of dry material to contain the smell. Add a bit of water and mix each time you add fresh material to the bin. Use the compost as you plant your favorite veggies and flowers in the garden this season! 

compost bin

5. And always remember RECYCLE  if you don’t end up reusing our Polana shipping box or cooler, remember to place them in your recycling bin for proper disposal. 


Let’s celebrate our earth today and everyday by treating it with respect and making it a healthier and happier place for generations to come…because a good Polish sandwich will never taste as great as it does when enjoy in the great outdoors! 

Happy Earth Day! 

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