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Polish-American Hot Dogs with Ingredients from Polana!

Polish-American Hot Dogs with Ingredients from Polana!

hot dog

Hot dogs are undoubtedly one of America’s favorite summertime foods! Now, though they may be an all-American food, that doesn’t mean we can’t put them together with a multicultural twist! There are certainly many Polish foods and ingredients with which we can build a delicious summer hot dog, and that is why we decided to combine the best of both worlds by sharing a few recipes for America’s favorite summertime food with an influence of Polish cuisine! 

Take a look below for a few Polish-American hot dog ideas built with foods available at! We’ve even included a recipe for a delicious side salad and a Polish-style Reuben sandwich if you really want to enjoy the full flavor of an American summer, while still remembering your Polish roots!

grilled sausage

hot dog

  • Polish-Italian Dog: Combine Polish, Italian and American culinary influences into one hot dog with BBQ smoked grill sausage links from Polana! Grill the sausage links. Slice a baguette in half and broil with a garlic and butter spread on top of each piece. Saute bell peppers & onions. Place each grilled sausage in between two pieces of garlic bread and add the bell pepper & onion mixture on top. Broil for 2-3 minutes topped with fresh mozzarella cheese until cheese becomes lightly browned or bubbly. Add some Kamis Sarepska mustard on top for added taste!
  • Polish-Style Reuben Sandwich: Substitute your corned beef for smoked sausage links from Polana. Slice the sausage link diagonally into thin pieces and layer them on top of half-slices of Polish rye bread. Add a layer of Cracovia Sauerkraut on top of the sausage, top with some Kamis Russian-style mustard and complete with a slice of Swiss cheese. Close your sandwich with the other half of the bread. Give the bread a healthy spread of butter on top and transfer to a small skillet over medium heat. Wait until the bottom has browned slightly before flipping the sandwich over to the other side. 


Substitute your usual potato side salad with a traditional Polish vegetable salad and enjoy with your summer hot dogs and sandwiches! 

vegetable salad

Whether you enjoy them in their classic version or combine ingredients from different cuisines for an innovative take that reflects the American cultural melting pot, we hope you enjoy all your favorite Polish summer foods before the season is over! 


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