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Recipes for Biala Kielbasa from the Grill

Recipes for Biala Kielbasa from the Grill

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Polish white sausage or, "Biała Kiełbasa," is one of the most recognizable types of Polish sausages! Enjoyed all around Poland and Polish homes around the world, it is cooked, baked, grilled and often added to soups, stews and other Polish dishes. It’s great when enjoyed with a side of grated horseradish, brown Polish-style mustard and ćwikła (a blend of grated beets and horseradish). Polish dill pickles and pickled mushrooms are also excellent accompaniments, as is good, hearty Polish-style rye bread. 

Polana’s fresh Biała sausage has all the flavor and tradition you would expect from this staple Polish deli product - fresh, uncooked and non-smoked, it is made from select cuts of tender pork, with a little beef or veal added for the body. It is seasoned with salt, garlic and touches of marjoram. 

It’s a particularly savory and delicious summer food when prepared on the grill, so we’ve put together three quick marinade and serving suggestions for you to enjoy the best of Poland’s biala this summer! 

Three Ways to prepare Biała Kiełbasa on the grill: 

1. Since the famous Polish white (biała) sausage is closely related to German cuisine, its Bavarian version in a beer marinade is not to be missed! Cut a few slits along the top on both sides of the sausages then soak in a marinade of beer, garlic and sweet pepper for 2-3 hours. During this time, the characteristic taste of garlic and the beer aroma will be absorbed by the sausage, and a short 30-minute grilling will emphasize the taste of the meat and spices.

bavarian kielbasa
  • This beer marinated white sausage will taste great with a garlic dip! You can prepare this very quickly with a few ingredients while the sausage is marinating. All you need to do is combine a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of natural yogurt or cream, and pour finely chopped or squeezed garlic inside in an amount based on your preferences. To finish the dip, mix in some dried oregano! 

2. If you enjoy spicier tastes, you can give your biała a sharper taste with a homemade glaze! Mix a spicy ketchup with a little cayenne pepper, liquid honey and oil, and season with salt and pepper. Smear the sauce on each side of the sausage and place it on the grill rack. Enjoy with our Horseradish cream sauce!

red pepper

3. You can even add a bit of sweetness to your grilled biała sausage! Here, honey mixed with mustard will play a dominant role. Mix the two ingredients in equal proportions and grease the previously notched sausage before placing it on the grill. Continue to brush the honey mustard mix over the sausage while it’s grilling, to make the taste even more intense. The delicate sweetness of this sauce will emphasize the taste of the white sausage. Once your sausage is cooked, enjoy it with some Polish mustard to balance its sweetness with a bit of spice.


Whatever you’re preparing on the grill (or in the kitchen) this summer.


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