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Chłopska Kielbasa (Peasants’ Sausage)

Chłopska Kielbasa (Peasants’ Sausage)


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Perhaps no better part of Poland offers great tasting kielbasa than the countryside. This Chłopska Kielbasa (a peasants’ sausage) has the classic elements of old folk traditions. Though it seems a bit forgotten, this traditional sausage, simple in its composition delights with its taste and aroma. Peasant sausage is a traditional product that was made in the villages of Poland before the 19th century. These large double links, made of pork are filled with aromatic, fresh garlic and are a bit fattier than the standard Polish kielbasa. The sausage is not dried and has a very juicy flavor. Its taste carries all the sentiments of the beautiful Polish countryside.

Weight: approx 1lb

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