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Biala - Fresh Polish Sausage


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Description: This is Poland’s basic fresh, uncooked and non-smoked sausage made from selected cuts of tender pork, with a little beef or veal added for the body. It is seasoned with salt, garlic and sometimes touches of marjoram. In Polish families the globe biala kielbasa is a traditional Easter treat, although it is good enjoyed anytime. It must be boiled  and, after being cooked, may be eaten hot or cold. It may be cooked in soup, and added to various other dishes.  

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Garlic and Natural Flavors

Way to defrost: The product comes in a sealed, vacuum package. For best results, allow meat to fully thaw in your refrigerator.

Preparation: Cook sausages slowly to ensure their skins do not burst. Intact skins are needed to hold in the juices and keep your sausage links moist. Do not pierce the skins before cooking as this will allow the fat and juices to drain and lose moisture. The dripping fat on a grill can also cause flames to flare up and burn the outside of your sausage.

Weight: approx 1.5lb.

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