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Grill Style Sausage – Grillowa

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This is the perfect sausage to heat up on your gas/charcoal grill, or for the most traditional experience, on a stick over a warm fire. Incredibly juicy, our grill style sausage goes great with a jar of Polish mustard, a loaf of bread, and cucumber in brine. Grilling adds a wonderful flavor to this sausage and is a favorite cooking method especially in the summer.

Weight: 4 links, approx 1 lb


Pork, water, salt, sugar, garlic, celery seeds, non fat dry milk, marjoram, black pepper, sodium nitrite

How to defrost

In order to guarantee their quality, great taste and safety, all deli meats are stored frozen in Polana’s warehouse and are shipped in frozen condition to customers around the U.S. in a specialty shipping container with a cooler and dry ice. If you ordered a deli product from, it will arrive to you frozen. Upon receiving your package, if you do not wish to enjoy these foods right away, please place the products back in the freezer immediately. Once you are ready to enjoy your deli meats from Polana, simply remove them from the freezer and place them in your refrigerator to thaw. Allow the meats about 12 hours to come back to their original texture, taste and condition.

  • If you ordered a pre-cooked or smoked meat - it is ready to enjoy! Try it cold or build it into your favorite dishes!
  • If you ordered our fresh biala or blood sausages please reference the cooking instructions on the product pages to see how best to prepare and enjoy these meats. 
Cooking instructions

Polish sausages are enjoyed in a variety of different ways - cold with a some mustard or horseradish, built into sandwiches or favorite dishes, baked and fried, but around summertime the favorite way to enjoy a traditional Polish kielbasa is hot off the grill! Polana’s grill-style sausages are made according to Polish recipes and have a texture, consistency & taste ideal for preparation over a grill or an open fire. Polana’s grill-style sausages are pre-cooked so all you have to do to prepare them is follow two simple steps: 

  • Fire up the grill for medium-high direct grilling.
  • Place the sausage over the direct heat & grill, flipping occasionally until the sausage is heated through or as crusty & charred as you like

Reference this blog article from Polana for a few summertime grill sausage serving suggestions! 


Customer Reviews

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Fresh and delicious

Would recommend!


Very tasty

Sharon Beach
Perfect pierogi

Thank you for the delicious pierogi, my first time ordering from Polana and I am so impressed!The customer service is excellent, the packaging perfect, and the pierogi of course were the best.Thank you and PLEASE consider opening up a store in North Carolina,I’ll be the first customer in line!😘

Beverly B.

Everything was PERFECT - we took all of our order on a camping trip and it was like heaven cooking it all over an open fire. Pierogis and kielbasa cook perfectly in a cast iron pan......yum!!!
2 days of Polish ecstasy . Even had Pierogis for breakfast.

Everything was bought as a

Everything was bought as a gift. Arrived perfect and I'm told is wonderful. The sausages that have been eaten were delicious. Will order again from you.

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