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Homemade pork pate - Pasztet Domowy

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Polish homemade pate is extraordinary and even though its not easy to make, it’s a must for festive occasions. Our pate is just like the type your grandmother would have made! Based on a traditional recipe by Polish butchers, it is a perfectly baked mix of finely ground delicate pork meat and liver, eggs, onion and spices like pepper, salt, allspice, juniper, bay leaves and nutmeg. Our pasztet is definitely considered a delicacy! It’s baked in a large pan and cut in to 1lb. portions for your family to enjoy. Serve with your favorite bread, a little bit of horseradish cream, cucumbers in brine, cornichons or horseradish with beats on the side to compliment its taste beautifully.

Weight: approx 1lb


Pork jowls, water, pork skin, pork liver, milk (reduced fat milk, vitamin A, palmitate, vitamin D3), rye bread (rye flour, wheat flour, water, salt, yeast), cereal (Farina), non fat dry milk, salt, eggs, sodium nitrite

How to defrost

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