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Kamis Hunter’s Stew Seasoning Blend (przyprawa do bigosu)

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Hunter’s Stew, better known as “Bigos,” in Polish is a favorite and well-known Polish dish! It’s a classic dish that can be credited with being truly Polish, and is often described with delight for the taste and aroma of its delicious combination of cabbage with various meats. Poles have enjoyed bigos for a very long time. It was a universal dish served in practically every Polish home. Bigos could be found both on the peasant's and the royal table. It is worth noting that an authentic bigos is different from the cabbage stew in that it is thicker and heartier, containing larger amount of cooked meats. 

Recreate this classic dish at home with this perfect seasoning blend composed of salt, mustard seeds, sugar, sweet pepper, coriander, cumin, garlic, fennel, allspice, juniper fruit, chili, rosemary, forest mushroom concentrate, turmeric, mushrooms (porcini mushrooms). It will give your bigos the perfect, flavorful taste!

Weight: 20g

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