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Runoland - Pickled Bay Bolete Mushrooms

Runoland - Pickled Bay Bolete Mushrooms


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Marinated boletes have been the pride of Polish cuisine for centuries. These mushrooms are obtained from the areas of Bory Dolnośląskie (the forests of Poland’s Lower Silesian Region) which are free from chemical sprays. Only the highest quality boletes are used for the pickled preserves and are prepared to satisfy the pallette of even the most demanding connoisseur of forest undergrowth.

These marinated mushrooms from Runoland are the perfect addition to lunch dishes, great as an appetizer for dinner or enjoyed with grilled dishes. 

Ingredients: Boletus (Xerocomus badius) (60%), water, vinegar, sugar, onion, salt, carrots, spices (including mustard), acidity regulator - citric acid

Weight: 4.59oz (130g)

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