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Labor Day Leftovers with Polana Foods

Labor Day Leftovers with Polana Foods

Labor Day leftover ideas


Use your Labor Day Cookout Leftovers with Polana Polish Foods!

Have some delicious leftovers from Labor Day weekend and wondering what to do with them? Keep the flavor of summer going with a few quick leftover recipe ideas that we've put together below. Utilize your grilled kiełbasas, smoked sausages, meats and more in some classic (and some creative) Polish dishes! 

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Scrambled Eggs & Kielbasa!

Scrambled eggs with kielbasa

There’s no better way to utilize your cookout leftovers than to incorporate them into breakfast the next morning! Cut your cookout kiełbasa into smaller quarter pieces and mix it into some scrambled eggs along with some mushroom and onion! Use Polana’s Podlaska Herb Blend for egg dishes to give your egg scramble an extra flavorful taste! Enjoy your Polish-style eggs with some traditional Polish bread - we recommend our country loaf, orour classic, Polish sourdough loaf. 

Try some Polish Tacos!

Polish tacos

Cut your grilled kielbasa and reheat it on a pan with some sautéed onion. Add it into a soft taco shell or pita round with some cooked Polish kasha (buckwheat is best) and add a bit of fresh sauerkraut on top! Dab a bit of your favorite mustard and some freshly chopped parsley to complete your Polish inspired “taco.” 

Make some Hunter’s Stew/Bigos!


Shred up your leftover meats, chop up your Polish sausages and bacons and sautee them with some chopped onion, then mix them into Polana’s pre-made sauerkraut & mushroom stew and cook it all into a traditional, Polish hunter’s stew. Add our Hunter’s Stew seasoning blend from Prymat to give your stew a traditional Polish taste. 

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed cabbage

Use your leftover beef, pork or chicken for some delicious stuffed peppers. Shred your leftover meat and mix it up with some traditional Polish kasha - we recommend roasted buckwheat or regular buckwheat. Flavor your stuffing with our herbal grill seasoning from Prymat or use your own blend of favorite seasonings and place your peppers in the oven to bake. Try crumbling in a bit of Polish twaróg cheese on top after baking and make an instant tomato sauce to pour over your peppers for extra taste with Polana’s instant Tomato Sauce by Winiary. 

Have some Cake with Lody!


Labor Day may have come and gone but summer technically isn’t over yet! We say you should enjoy your ice cream while the season lasts, and why not add a bit of your favorite cakes or cookies to your ice cream bowl while you’re at it? Enjoy your leftover cakespączkikołaczki and more with a couple scoops of your favorite flavor of lody (“ice cream” in Polish) before summer ends! 



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