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Lowicz Forest Fruits Preserve

Lowicz Forest Fruits Preserve


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Łowicz preserves are small works of art! Łowicz jam is made of whole fruit or large pieces of forest fruit immersed in a thick, fruity syrup. It has an excellent taste, color and aroma and, like all preserves, Łowicz is a low-sugar product made with no added preservatives. This jam is delicious on a crispy piece of toast and great added to yoghurt, muesli or your favorite dessert! 

Ingredients: fruit (60%) (including forest fruits (blackberries (15%), raspberries (10%), blueberries (8%)), strawberries (24%), wild strawberries (3%)), sugar, water, gelling agent - pectins, thickeners - guar gum, xanthan gum, acidity regulator - citric acid.

Product of Poland.

Weight: 240g.

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