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Rosehip & Apple Tea - Loyd

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This Rosehip and Apple tea from LOYD combines the sweetness of the Polish apple with the sensuality of rosehip. The result of combining these two flavors results in a flavorful warming tea!

The tea’s sensational taste is achieved by the combination of all the velvety sweetness locked in apples and the subtle sensuality hiding in rosehip. The natural taste and quality of the dried fruit is then preserved in the specially designed, three-dimensional teabags made of biodegradable material.

When is LOYD Rosehip and Apple tea at its most charming?

When you really need a breather or a few minutes of relaxation. This infusion – hot or iced – will lovingly calm your senses.

Box includes 20 tea bags with 40g of tea each.

Weight: 1.4oz

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