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Easter Palm Uses

Easter Palm Uses

Easter Palm

Now that Palm Sunday has come and gone and we’ve taken our decorative Polish Easter palms back home, what should we do with them next? According to religious custom, a blessed object should not be thrown away but there are a number of ways that the palm can be preserved or discarded with respect to the tradition. 

Here are some common ideas on what to do with the palms after Palm Sunday:

  1. Decor for your home - a blessed palm can be placed behind a religious painting, cross or other religious symbol that hangs on your wall. It can also be placed in a vase with some other greens or flowers and used as a centerpiece for your Easter table. 
  2. Decor for your Easter Basket - the decorative Polish palm is sometimes placed inside the Easter basket as a vibrant, decorative element. 
  3. Return to the church - churches discard Easter palms by burning them. The ash is saved for the following year and used for the Ash Wednesday ceremony.
  4. Discard by burning or burying - If you don’t want to implement your palm into further Easter celebrations or need to discard it once the Easter season is over, you can do so by burning it or burying it in the ground. This traditional method follows the natural cycle of nature and also has its own Christian symbolism: Fire - can be the fire of cleansing from sin. And burying in the ground, speaks of the fragility of our life on earth. 

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