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Czaniecki Pasta (Thick Cut Noodles)

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It is Italian cuisine that we identify most with pasta products, but pastas and noodles are consumed in Poland too! Most often, they are an addition to Polish soups, of which the Polish cuisine has quite a large variety! One of Poland’s top pasta producers is Czaniecki, producing a wide variety of homemade style pastas perfect as additions to Polish soups, topped with meat sauces during fall and winter, or enjoyed with fruit sauces during spring and summer months! These egg noodles are based on a traditional recipe that will taste just like home. Not only that, they carry a nutritional value in the form of lutein, B vitamins, potassium, iron and folic acid! They have a lower glycemic index as well. A great addition to your Polish dishes! 

Weight: 250g


wheat pasta groats, semolina, cooled and pasteurized liquid whole eggs (21.3%), water, turmeric.

Cooking instructions

Put pasta into boiling salted water. Stir and boil gently for 9 minutes. Strain-rinse with cold water. Keep in a cool and dry and out of sunlight area.

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