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(Book) The New Polish Cuisine by Chef Michael J. Baruch

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Those who think they know Polish cooking may find themselves delighted with the novel approach taken by Michael Baruch in The New Polish Cuisine. In his skilled hands the classics of Polish cooking find new life. A native of Chicago's Polish community, Baruch has toiled in the kitchens of restaurants around the U.S. and in Europe. He presents assorted doughs for wrapping pierogi, from classic mashed-potato dough to a rich sour-cream-based pastry. Pierogi fillings are similarly reinterpreted to include blueberry, cherry, spinach, and feta, and even "Sicilian style" with ricotta and Parmesan cheeses. In another reinterpretation, a stew earns flavor from decidedly un-Polish pancetta. In the style of Emeril Lagasse, Baruch compounds basic spice and herb blends, which he then calls for in his recipes. Appetizing, full-color close-ups of Baruch's reimagined recipes increase their attraction. 

Mark Knoblauch

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