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Gingerbread Cookies – Kopernik Katarzynki

Gingerbread Cookies – Kopernik Katarzynki


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There are many Polish culinary traditions that are famous around the world, but few have a history quite as long as Poland’s gingerbread! The famous ginger spiced cookies that hail from Poland’s beautiful, medieval city of Torun have a history that is well over 700 years old! The first mentions of this baked good date back to the 13thcentury. Carefully protected recipes that call for the use of only the highest quality ingredients as well as specific techniques for kneading and aging the dough are the secret behind this unique sweet that continues to delight people around the world to this day. 

These chocolate covered “Katarzynki” are one of the icons of Torun Gingerbread. They are produced according to the many centuries-old Torun recipe and their unique taste lies in the considerable amount of natural spices that are added to the dough. Finished off with an all-natural chocolate covering they are a delicious treat of Polish culture and tradition!

  • 56g/1.97oz packet containing 6 gingerbread cakes
  • Made In Torun, Poland
  • May contain milk, egg, peanuts, nuts

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