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We would like to say THANK YOU for being with us this Easter. We have received a lot of questions from you and decided to share some instructions, so you will not get confused with your Easter orders.

Please read the following messages very carefully!

Place your orders in advance, so you won't miss out delicious food on Easter.
Available shipping options:
March 30
(recommended shipping option for Easter)
April 6 (last day of shipping for Easter)

We ship nationwide. So if you have friends and/or family in different states, you can send them some of their favorite polish food on Easter.
Suggestion: on the checkout page choose "GIFT" option, so they won't see the price.

In each order we put a letter with instructions on how to consume some of the products we offer you. Even if you order the products in advance, they will still be delicious to eat on Easter. Simply follow the instructions.

For better Customer Service, during the Easter it is advised to send your concerns and questions via email INFO@POLANA.COM

Current DISCOUNTS that are active to use for your Easter orders.

GET1HALF – buy 1 package of any sausage, you get 1 package of any sausage with 50% discount
POTATO – buy 2 packages of potato pancake and get 1 more free
BAKERY15 – get 15% off bakery (cakes, kolaczki, bread and more)
POLANA10 – get 10% off entire order

Please note: you may use only 1 code per order.
From Polana with LOVE!

P.S. Since Easter is considered the holiest of days we prepared some pleasant gifts for you.

In each "Easter Package" we will add a special gift – a grocery bag "I LOVE POLAND" that has been delivered to us directly from Poland. 

Bags are limited. Hurry up!